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Nahla was founded in 2020. We believe that looking good makes you feel good. Our mission is to bring feel good vibes to the wellness industry and that’s why we have created products that look and feel good, and help you be the best version of yourself.

We’re an independent, Johannesburg-born brand centered in making essentials for health and beauty. Our products are easy and fun, but most importantly they are essential. We are dedicated to reinventing the way we protect our hair and skin by creating modern protective products that cater for all genders and hair types!

Nahla satin head wraps were shown to retain moisture, prevent breakage and reduce friction. As skin ages, it loses elasticity and sleep creases can become more pronounced and longer lasting – Nahla satin pillowcases absorb significantly less face cream and were shown to reduce friction allowing the face to glide smoothly over pillowcases

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